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Aegle (Αίγλη)

Necklace made of semi-precious stones, hawlite, and 24K gold plated elements.

Amelia (Αμέλια)

This pearl necklace is paired with high-clarity gemstones and a 24K gold clasp.

Amethyst dream

A necklace of amethyst drops in various colors and amethyst motifs with all the metal elements being gold plated.

Armonia II (Αρμονία II)

Original price was: 85,00€.Current price is: 72,00€.
Necklace of different semi-precious stones in pale shades.

Avia (Αβιά)

Original price was: 95,00€.Current price is: 62,00€.
Necklace made of lava and hematite. motif of plated agate and crystal with gold leaf.

Cassandra (Κασσάνδρα)

The Cassandra necklace is made from real pearls and a 24K gold plated clasp.

Celestial Pearl Cascade

Introducing our exquisite statement necklace, a harmonious symphony of elegance and grace. Crafted to mesmerize, this necklace is a testament to refined luxury and timeless beauty. Adorned with two double rows of delicate 5mm medium pearls intertwining seamlessly with two double rows of opulent 10mm large pearls, each pearl exudes a luminous allure that captures the essence of sophistication.

Crimson Cascade Cross

A spectacular necklace with 8 rows of semiprecious stones garnet necklace in wine colour with 22K gold plated, brass cross and high clarity crystals.


A stunning 24K gold plated cross made of high-definition crystals and a chain that offers adjustable length.

Dara (Δάρα)

Agate and crystal necklace with 24K gold plated elements.

Delia II (Δηλία II)

Short necklace made of semi-precious stones and crystals and a 24K gold plated clasp.

Elegance III

24K gold plated necklace with high-definition rectangular crystals.